Natural Refrigerants: Taking Root in North America - and Around the World

This special edition of Accelerate Corporate – “Natural Refrigerants: Taking Root in North America – and Around the World” – looks at the growth of transcritical CO2 and ammonia/CO2 refrigeration in North American supermarkets and throughout the world – as well as the challenges facing this natural refrigerant technology. It also delineates the unique role played by Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration driving innovation and growth in the marketplace.

Accelerate Corporate captures the efforts of market leaders in advancing the use of natural refrigerants across different applications, industry sectors, and continents. It seeks to showcase end users’ experiences working with natural refrigerants and to highlight the underlying market, policy and technology trends driving adoption.

This edition of Accelerate Corporate was made possible by the support of Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration.

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